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  • What do you even offer?
    NWLM Getaways offer vacation rental management services in an exchange for a 60/40 (NWLM/Owner) split of profit. We provide trailer management services which encompass everything from advertising, communicating with potential travelers, pre- and post-trip inspections, cleaning, stocking, and scheduling. Additionally, maintenance services, inspections, and storage are offered. Our company provides a stress-free and potentially lucrative experience for those individuals seeking to gain PASSIVE income and capitalize on the ever-expanding vacation rental market.
  • Why would I hire your company and not just do it myself?
    Although renting a trailer for profit seems relatively easy in principle, we urge you to consider a few things. Communicating with potential customers can be extremely time-consuming, considering most individuals planning a camping vacation have plenty of questions for which they want quick responses. Customer service and timely responses are paramount to the success of one's business. Aside from communicating with potential travelers, which can be time consuming, one must also consider the time associated with maintaining the unit and completing pre- and post-trip inspections. These inspections can take hours, as it is crucial the renter is comfortable with all aspects of the trailer. After a trailer is returned, it must be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and restocked before the next trip, as trip turnaround can be less than 12 hours. NWLM Getaways prides itself on customer service and providing quality, clean, well-equipped units that will ultimately ensure the long term, sustainable growth of our business.
  • How much would I make?
    Your profit is based on several key factors such as size of the unit, availability, price point, add-ons, inclusions, etc. Generally, NWLM Getaways advertises their 28-32 ft (sleeps 6-10 persons) bumper pull trailers for $90-105/nightly with a 2-3 night minimum booking duration. We like to advertise slightly under market value to get our units booked up quickly and to ensure an influx of revenue. During the 2020 season, our units booked for 20-28 days/month. After 3rd party fees, an owner has potential to make $450-800/month. Please note, COVID 19 may impact these figures – and these are generated based on 2020 seasonal volume from June – Sept.
  • Why do I make less then NWLM Getaways?
    NWLM Getaways understands that 60/40 split may seem high to some; however, the time and effort that must go into this business to be successful is tremendous! We have years of experience dealing with tenants, customers, and rentals. We feel that our streamlined approach has proven to be successful. Our experience in dealing with renters/vacationers and our ability to effectively navigate issues that arise only contribute to proficiency and profitability of our company, which we believe holds immense value for our clients and company.
  • What happens if a vacationer gets into an accident or damages the unit?
    Our booking platform allows us to set any amount as a damage deposit, which is taken prior to any exchange of service. Thorough pre- and post–trip inspections are completed and deficiencies/damages would be identified during that time. If issues/damages are found in a post-trip inspection, we would try to negotiate with the vacationer in regards to financial compensation for damages; however, if unsuccessful in negotiating, NWLM Getaways would generate a claim offered through the booking platform. NWLM Getaways uses RVezy and Outdoorsy as their booking platforms, both of which have a comprehensive fleet insurance program. Once customers assume care of one of our units, they are immediately placed on the platform’s commercial insurance and claims would be made through their services. Additionally, roadside assistance is available for vacationers to purchase during the booking process. You must maintain your own liability insurance on the unit.
  • Will my insurance cover me?
    You must maintain your own liability insurance through a provider of your choosing; however, once a vacationer assumes care of your trailer, insurance will be transitioned to the platform's commercial fleet insurance.
  • What about storage fees?
    NWLM Getaways currently stores their units at one location on the east side of Edmonton. For ease and convenience, we prefer to have all our units at one location. NWLM will cover the storage costs for the length of the agreement term. After the agreement term is over, the owners will be for responsible for paying storage fees, either at this location or a site of their choosing.
  • What about maintenance fees?
    Routine/basic maintenance and cleaning will be done by NWLM Getaways and costs associated will be split 50/50; however, once servicing exceeds the scope of our company, servicing and inspections will be done by a 3rd party. Any large appliance/item ( AC, refridgerator, furnace, stove, hotwater tank, etc) replacement costs, outside of damages done by a renter, may be the responsibilty of the owner. Further details surrounding these situations will be detailed and documented in the written partnership contract. Trailers must undergo a thorough inspection of the tires and frame by a 3rd party every 60-90 days. Also, if damages are done to tires and/or trailer frame, a servicing/inspection will be required immediately in order to reduce liability, and more importantly the risk of injury to others. Damages done by renters will be directed through the claim process of the booking platforms.
  • Do I have a say about who can rent my trailer?
    This business is fully autonomous, and we are free to make decisions that meet your needs, goals, and risk tolerance level. Ideally, NWLM Getaways would like full control in all aspects of the management/booking process; however, we will have a thorough consultation with our partners prior to the camping season. The objective here is to identify the exclusion and inclusion criteria that make a perfect renter. Also, during the pre-trip communication period, NWLM Getaways asks plenty of questions pertaining to location of camping site, number of parties sleeping in the unit, number of adults or children, pets, smoking vs nonsmoking, etc. Additionally, to be an approved driver through the booking platforms, there are mandatory driver verification checks that are completed. The booking is not solidified until this is complete. We have a good understanding of whom the vacationer is and verify this at the pre-trip inspection. We are confident in our ability, and feel we have systems in place which allow us to select appropriate vacationers.
  • How do I get paid?
    NWLM getaways will provide each owner with bi-weekly payments (15th day and last day of the month) via e-transfer. Amount paid will be relative to the number of completed trips. NWLM Getaways is committed to full transparency and can notify owners of bookings as they happen.
  • Am I able to use my trailer?
    Yes! You may use your trailer; however, our contract indicates that the vacationer takes priority and cancelations of customers' trips will not be tolerated. One key aspect to keep in mind is the more you use your trailer correlates with a reduction in monthly cashflow . We suggest blocking off timeframes earlier rather than later due to the expected, rapid influx of bookings.
  • Do I need to stock my trailer?
    We have found that having the trailer fully stocked with cutlery, plates, soap, dishes, pots/pans, games, etc. was extremely accommodating for vacationers. However, what is or is not included is ultimately our choice. In our opinion, having a fully stocked unit only contributed to an excellent camping adventure.
  • I do not live in Edmonton; can I still take part in the program?
    Yes! Once we decide to move forward as partners, your trailer will be placed at our storage facility. We will arrange for the unit to be hauled from its origin to our storage site and we will manage the unit from there.
  • This seems too good to be true; what is the catch?
    There is no catch! NWLM Getaways is extremely appreciative that owners want to partner with us! We believe that this program can be a lucrative opportunity for both of us. We do not require any sort of upfront funding, we pay for the storage, we manage the unit and we both gain a financial reward each time the unit is rented. Also, our partnership agreement will be drafted via a lawyer and will be sent to you prior to any exchange of service. This will allow you an extended time frame to pose further questions/concerns; additionally, we urge you to seek legal counsel to review our partnership agreement so that you are extremely comfortable moving forward with us. We strive to build relationships with our partners, which is ultimately built on a foundation of trust! There is no catch; if you make money, so do we, and if you do not, neither do we!
  • How do I get started?
    Please find the "Contact Us" link on our website and call or email, suggesting that you are interested in our program. An initial phone conversation will take place that will provide general details about the program and will allow you the opportunity to pose any questions/concerns you may have. Following this initial conversation, NWLM can assist you the rest of the way should you be interested in moving forward with our program.
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